175- 530 chain offset sprocket options - Honda, Kawasaki

175- 530 chain offset sprocket options - Honda, Kawasaki
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Sprocket fitment information:  Spline major / minor diameter are 22mmX25mm or 0.866in.X0.984in. with 6 tooth spline. See models below:

 New: Our 175 offset sprockets have threaded lock plate holes to fit Honda 23811-292-00 lock plate and two 90118-958-003 lock plate bolts from your local Honda dealer. 

Note: These offset sprockets are universal in design but will have the same spline fitment as the models listed below.  The width of the spline area may not match the stock spline width so a spacer may be needed.  These sprockets are intended for experienced bike builders.

 175- 530 chain offset sprocket options, see images for a drawing of these offsets to see how they can be adapted to your application: The following is listing of the models that these can be used on or made to fit. 

Stock models with 530 chain with the same spline fitment:  CB-350 68-72, CB-350F 72-74, CB-350G 1973, CL-350 68-77, SL-350 1970, XL-350 74-78, CB/CL/CJ-360 74-77, CB-400F 74-77, CB-400A 1978, CB-400T1 78-79, CB-400 Hawk 80-81, CM-400 79-81, CB-450 66-72, CB-450SC 82-86, CB-450T 1982, CL-450 68-74. CM-450 82-83, CB-500 K1,K2 72-73, CB-500T 75-76, FT-500 Ascot 82-83, VF-500 84-86, CB-550 74-79, CB-650 79-82, CB-650SC 1982, CB-750A 1976, CB-750F 75-78, CB-750K 69-76, CB-750S 91-99. KAW KZ-400A-D 74-77, KZ-400H 1979, KZ-400S 75-77, KZ-440A LTD 80-83, KZ-440B 80-81.

Stock models with 525 chain with the same spline fitment:  VT-600CJ Shadow 1988.

Stock models with 520 chain with the same spline fitment:  XR-250 72-76, XL-250S 78-81, XL-250R 82-83, XR-250 79-80, SL350 71-73, XL-500S 79-81, XL-500R 1982, XR-500/R 79-84, XL-600R 83-85, XR-600R 1985.

Stock models with 630 chain with the same spline fitment:  CB-750A 77-78, CB-750F 77-78, CB-750K 77-78.

 Note: the stock part numbers that these offset may work with or have the same shaft fitment will be listed as options at the top of the part page of the part you are searching for per your year and model.  These Offset parts may not have the spline width as the stock part and may require a spacer if needed.

1/4" 0.250in. or 6.35mm offset,  3/8" 0.375 or 9.53mm, and 5/8" 0.625 or 15.88mm.  

Spline fitment is 6 tooth, 21mm X 25mm.

  • High Quality Chromoly steel.:
  • Electroless-nickel plating.:
  • Made in USA:
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