001 Build Your Custom Rear Aluminum Sprocket.

 We will Build Your Custom Rear Sprocket.  Tell us how you would like your custom sprocket built.

Follow the options and fill in your sprocket specifications.  These options will cover the information we will need to build your custom aluminum rear sprocket.

Step One: The center hole size. All of the following sizes in inches or millimeters.

Step Two: The bolt hole circle diameter: A circle that goes through the center of each bolt hole.

Step Three:  The number of bolt holes and the size of each hole needed.

Step Four:  Style of bolt holes, see drawing in images for explaination.

Step Five:  Some sprockets need material removed on one side for clearance. We will need the thickness of the sprocket in the body of the part and how far out in diameter the lathe cut should go. (most parts will cut out to the base of the sprocket tooth).

Step Six:  Lightening hole style. We will try and apply your request, like round holes, square holes etc. The tooth size of the sprocket may limited our options.

We will program and manufacture your sprocket in one to three working days and ship.  Please measure as accurately as possible for best fitment.

We have added the option to mill custom lightening hole designs.  We will need a Cad drawing in a DXF file format and in 1:1 scale (one to one full size).  If we have any questions we will contact you. email to mike@chrisproducts.com

 Note: Dished shape sprockets are not available for custom build.  Special press dyes are needed for shaping.  Cost prohibitive.

 Please note, all custom build sprockets are non-refundable.

  • Aluminum 7075-T651.:
  • Bright Silver Finish.:
  • Made in USA:
001 Build Your Custom Rear Aluminum Sprocket.
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  • Item #: Custom Build Sprocket.
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